Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chocolate Mint Disappearing Nine (Scraps)

This is my first disappearing nine patch quilt ! My sponsor thought it would be a great one to utilize my scraps. It is at the quilter now and I can't wait to see the finished product.

It is being quilted by Merlene at Nelda's Quilt Shop and she has done such great work with my other quilts. This quilt I will keep for myself and will match my current surroundings very well.

I am so excited.


John, Lynnae, and Family said...

I love these colors and the quilt. Great Job....wish I could have been at the last meeting.

Mary said...

Great name for a great looking quilt!!

Verla Jackson said...

I am impressed Adele! What beautiful creations. I think it is healthy to have such a creative & worthwhile addiction! I enjoy quilting and sewing projects but they keep getting squeezed out by my Family History addiction. Both are good and I enjoy the breaks I take from my research for other projects. Keep up the great work & addiction. Thanks for all you do for your parents! The care giver needs attention & care also. This is the tender time as the end comes near. Colleen says she thinks it if a few weeks more. That is what my husband thought about his dad...it happened QUICKLY. Harold tucked him in one night & then got ready for bed himself. We had prayers together & then he went down to see if his dad needed pain meds because his back had been hurting. His dad had died sometime in those 20 - 30 minutes. SWEET at the age of 87yrs to move on as he drifted off to sleep. Our prayers are for Uncle Ned and ALL of his care givers. Love, Verla (the header says my daughter BECCA's name)