Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Checker Boards

For our Family Reunion we have a auction each year to raise funds to pay for the next
 Family Reunion.

Last Year I made Checker boards out of wood that were really cool !
Now that I'm a quilter so I wanted to do checkerboards out of fabric.

 This one is a very scrappy and very cute checkerboard. The labels were attached later due to a " Name that Checkerboard" contest. We needed to conceal the winning names for the big announcement and prizes. I tried to make each label unique either with a scrappy border around the label or something. Next time I will make the labels a little smaller...they just seemed too big for the board.
This was the most girly of the Checkerboards.
Each checkerboard comes with its own coordinated bag to hold  the checkers in.

.I love the fabrics in this one !
 I hand painted each wooden car wheel checker...this was a very long project from start to finish
The sock monkey checker board was made from the 5 Funky Monkeys Line by Erin Michael for Moda You can pick some up here HERE ! The sock monkey and Boy Scout boards I added Tic Tac Toe to the back of the board/quilt

 The Sock Monkey was definately a favorite and brought the most money of the checkerboards !!!  YEAH !
 The Scout Quilt was also a Huge favorite since I am from a big scouting family.
The Scout Quilt was also made mostly from the Boy Scouts of America fabric line by Robert Kaufman.

Here they are all packaged for the ride up to the Reunion !
Don't they look cool all bundled up !
As usual the fabric I purchased from the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop !


Colleen M. said...

Your are just going great guns in the blogging department!

TLC Scout said...

Hi - I just love your checkerboards. I am working on a quilt for a give away at our boy scout dinner and I would love to make a couple of these too. Do you have the pattern available?