Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well I went to my first official "Quilting Retreat" this last weekend and had a BLAST ! It was very well attended 28- 30 depending on the day. Met some old friends and made some new friends. The G-Town Girls were a good group to have sitting next to my table. We all kept each other a laughing....who knew quilting was soooo much fun !

I signed up for 3 classes prior to the retreat and ended up taking 4 classes. The retreat was well run.....hats off to the "Stitches" crew for all the hard work!Here are some pics of the gang

The Scene

Meet Chloreena
 I love this woman
she kept us all in "Stitches"
 most of the weekend.

Sharon & Jan

 This retreat is held in a old Church and this is the gym/cultural hall.
I'm not sure we could have fit many more quilters in here  

Thanks Again to Stitches

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Giane said...

This was a great retreat!! You got some good pictures!