Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quilters Anonymous 1ST Year Anniversary

This quilt was made by Colleen I love the colors !

This quilt also made by Colleen "The Daisy Quilt"

This Dolly Dress Up Quilt by Marsh is the first of many to come but how can any  of us measure up?
This quilt she and her husband hand quilted ?  Yes can you believe it ?
Not only that but she wanted extra fluff so she made a double decker sandwich !

My sister Nancy's gift to my Mom ! I think it is so beautiful....I think she is finally a true addict !

Nancy made this from a box of free fabric that I put out at our March Meeting.

Nancy also made this it is a gift for her sweatheart for christmas. Shhhhh !

My talented cousin was invited for our Anniversary Celebration. This quilt is all hand quilted (CRAZY)

Two new potential addicts !!!!

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Colleen said...

Good remindes of a fun time.