Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My FIRST commisioned quilt !

Did that sound fancy....I'm really not some elite quilter and got this fantastic commission for a quilt. Nope I'm just me....and a childhood friend asked me to make it for her 3 year old grandson....I was nervous and also excited to get started. So I posted the beginning of this quilt a while back in September and wanted to show you the finished product.
It is my first I - SPY quilt and my first commisioned quilt !!!  YIKES !

If you know me you know my backs are never boring....
My Sister says she almost always likes the backs better than the fronts.
This is a Wonky Back I was trying to make it look like WONKY PIPES !
I used the Dinosaur uproar and Leapin Lizards collections for the back
I just love the binding I believe it is from the Dinosaur Uproar line


Asiyah said...

That quilt is cool! I am sooo digging the back.

I made my first commissioned quilt this year too and was nervous/excited to give it to my customer. Feels good when they like it though!

Marit said...

Congratulations on your first commissioned quilt. Love how colorful and playful it is! The back is a lot of fun, too. I would say it works as a two sided quilt - two for one...
; )