Monday, January 23, 2012

New /Old Project

I started this quilt when I met my neices boyfriend (now Husband) last year some time. He came to meet the Aunt's at one of our Sisters Quilting weekends. I offered to teach him to sew and he jumped right in. He made a potholder quite quickly using this same pattern and also with batiks.

He spent 2 years in Africa so he was very attracted to the bright batiks. He chose all his own fabric and started sewing away on my machine.

Now he is married to my neice and I am so glad, he is a great guy.

Now I need to finish this quilt since I am going to be teaching a class at the LQS on how to make this quilt.

I have been quilting all weekend to try to finish it but as of now it is NOT finished...

but here is a sneak peak

I plan to add piano key borders around the whole quilt.

When its finished it will be a Twin or a Large Lap quilt

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