Friday, January 6, 2012

A Quilt for Narissa

I just finished this quilt for Narissa one of my nephew's daughters. I needed to make sure this quilt would stand up to her abuse. She is active and autistic and is very hard on things. I practiced some free motion quilting. I would watch a video and quilted on one of the squares then I would get frustrated because it wasn't perfect then....stiple or loop for a while. Then I'd watch another video and try again. 
Leah Day's blog is where I watched the video's

I love the binding. I also picked a 3 straight stitch  stitch for the first time around, 
then did a blanket stitch the 2nd time around. 
I hope that it survives Narissa and keeps her warm and I hope she stacks all of her animals on it.

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